We got a whole generation to rewind back into the past



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Cinesa wanted to launch a new cinema product: classic movie sessions.

The search

To create the perfect campaign, we first identified our target: Film lovers born from the 70s to the 90s who wanted to see their favourite movies in the theatre once again. The objective: grab their attention and get them to come to the Cinesa sessions.

The insight

There is one emotion that all of our audience has in common: NOSTALGIA, the desire to rewind back into the past, to relive unique moments and remember their crazy years.

The idea

On the basis of this insight, we defined the new name and image for the campaign. The sessions would be called REWIND and the slogan was "películas que te harán rebobinar" ("Movies that will make you rewind"). We then produced a wonderful commercial to show in cinemas and a powerful online and offline campaign.

Video Case

Commercial for cinemas



  • Commercial for cinemas
  • Billboards
  • Print
  • Radio commercials


  • Facebook tab
  • Facebook Ads
  • Community Management
  • Banner Campaign


The results



people came to watch the Rewind sessions