We turned a simple 2x1 promotion into a branding campaign.

Oh! Fan fan day


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Cinesa asked us to produce the simplest promotion in the world: if you are a fan of Cinesa, you get a 2x1 ticket.

The search

The challenge was how to get the most out of a traditional 2x1 offer.
We wanted to put together a catchy, fun campaign that did a bit more than the typical Facebook promotion. And the idea truly was made in heaven.

The idea – Storytelling

We decided to create a 2x1 campaign to connect with our audience through Storytelling.
For years and years, Cinesa has been devising promotions to get fans to come to the cinema. The time had come to thank and reward them for their loyalty.
And what better way to do that than by creating a fans day? We first came up with a name for the promotion: The Oh! Fan Fan Day. We started referring to Cinesa fans as “faithful followers”. We included a preacher and a choir too. We even created a jingle! We used all of those elements in an animated commercial film.

Video Case

Online and cinema commercial

Event at cinemas



  • Online and cinema commercial
  • Posters
  • Digital Billboards
  • Decorations in 41 movie theatres
  • Event in 1 of the theatres
  • We brought the preacher to life and he gave away prizes!


  • Facebook tab
  • Community Management
  • Facebook Ads
  • Banners
  • Fans could download the voucher and take part in a draw for a year of free movie tickets.

Event at cinemas

Oh! Fan fan day, Cinesa
Oh! Fan fan day, Cinesa
Oh! Fan fan day, Cinesa
Oh! Fan fan day, Cinesa


Oh! Fan fan day, Cinesa

Facebook tab

Oh! Fan fan day, Cinesa

The results



new Cinesa fans in just 2 weeks


downloads of 2x1 vouchers in 1 week


people celebrated Oh! Fan Fan Day