We brought one of the classic Bollycao characters back to life

Movie Toi


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Bollycao asked us to come up with the idea for the brand's latest promotion: a sticker collection on the theme of movie classics.

The search

Bollycao has created a whole generation of collectors thanks to its promotions and at Manifiesto our challenge was to keep this interest alive in the form of a unique promotion. To do so, we decided to bring someone back to life, which was something the brand's followers had been asking for for years.

The idea

Who could be the star of our promotion? Only one character was able to represent all the movie classics in a comically fun way, and we decided to bring him back to life: ¡TOI was coming back to Bollycao!

So we created 40 different stickers in which TOI appeared in legendary scenes from cinema history. The name we chose for the promotion was: TOI DE CINE ('Movie Toi'), and we created a website based on the movie world where loads of prizes could be won every day using the codes on the stickers.

Video Case

Online spot

A video introducing the new TOI stickers

Online Campaign

A fun game that involved throwing popcorn into Toi's mouth
  • Movie Toi. Panrico
  • Movie Toi. Panrico
  • Movie Toi. Panrico


A fun game that involved throwing popcorn into Toi's mouth

Movie Toi. Panrico

Facebook tab

Movie Toi. Panrico


Movie Toi. Panrico

Community Management

Movie Toi. Panrico
And also:
  • Banner Campaign
  • Community Management
  • Press releases

The results



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