We got thousands of people to feel what is it like to be the numero UNO

Be the UNO


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UNO asked us to come up with a campaign to rejuvenate the brand's position and get it into the digital environment by interacting with its target audience.

The strategy

How could we create an impact on young people with a campaign to generate playability and then get it to go viral? By making them the stars of the game!

The idea

When you play UNO and are holding the last card in your hand, that is the winning card and you feel like you rule the world, you feel like the numero UNO. So we suggested to UNO that everyone should be able to enjoy that feeling in person.

We created an interactive app that would give UNO's Facebook fans the chance to enjoy that feeling. The app asked for the user's name and 3 photos and automatically embedded them in an interactive video.

The result? A video featuring the user, where they are the numero UNO.

Video Case

Banner Campaign

Be the UNO. UNO
Be the UNO. UNO
Be the UNO. UNO
Be the UNO. UNO
Be the UNO. UNO
Be the UNO. UNO
Be the UNO. UNO
Be the UNO. UNO
Be the UNO. UNO

Facebook tab

Be the UNO. UNO

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The results



more Facebook fans




videos created


Facebook impressions