We demonstrate that anything is possible with Barbie

Dance with Barbie


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The assignment

Barbie wanted to launch a campaign that involved the most girls and to share the new song "Everything is possible with Barbie". "

The objective

Amplify the launch of the new song and create engagement with the girls with a very noticeable campaign.

The concept

The lyrics of the song "Everything is possible with Barbie" speaks of the possibility of fulfilling dreams and make them reality. " Thus, we move this concept and turn it into a promotion that made girls to fulfil one of his greatest dreams: being the protagonists of the new video of Barbie.

The idea

We had a song, we wanted to make a videoclip... most importantly we needed: the choreography! And we realized that those more indicated to create it were own girls. Thus was born the contest DANCE WITH BARBIE.

The contest

In order to search for the protagonists of the new video, we launched a site where girls could download the music and the lyrics of the song to create his choreography and send their videos with their creations. Among the 20 most voted choreographies, a jury chose the 5 winning girls who became the protagonists of the new video of Barbie, dancing choreography created with their own dance steps.

Video Case




  • Dance with Barbie. Barbie
  • Dance with Barbie. Barbie
  • Dance with Barbie. Barbie

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The results



visits to the campaign website


of girls danced the Barbie's song