Manifiesto Ideas that work

Having a good idea is not about finding a brilliant concept and it’s not about yelling ‘Eureka!’ either.

Having a good idea is about understanding the customer’s needs and thinking up solutions. It’s about connecting with audiences and stimulating them with unforgettable experiences.

Because a good idea is not the one that shines brightest, but the one that works best.


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People that work

In Manifiesto we are more than 40 people. These are the team managers:
Sergio Palomino, CEO/Executive Creative Manager

Sergio Palomino

CEO/Executive Creative Manager
My work philosophy is simple: freedom. Freedom for each person to be able to create and express themselves, because it is from such freedom that good ideas tend to come, even the most brilliant ideas you could imagine.
Paula Romero, Accounts Manager

Paula Romero

Accounts Manager
My department is the voice and the face of the agency towards the client. That is why my philosophy is clear: not being a supplier for them, but their partners. I manage and lead the workflow between departments to get successful projects by working on trust, dedication and empathy. Clients are achieved with creativity, but they only are strengthened with an excellent account management.
Esther Mayoral, Customer Service Director

Esther Mayoral

Customer Service Director
In Manifiesto we believe in lasting customer relationships. Therefore, we face the client-agency link with proactivity and complicity, but above everything, with great frankness. According to the formula of satisfaction: Perceived Performance - Expectations = Level of Satisfaction, my goal is to ensure our customers always stay eager for more. The secret? Guarantee good results and build effective and smooth relations with them. Shall we talk?
Valeri Bertrán, Director of New Business Development

Valeri Bertrán

Director of New Business Development
Our agency’s intention has always been to form part of our clients’ structures. So rather than isolated projects, we prefer to build solid, long-lasting relationships. Attitude, commitment and rock & roll are my premises for dealing with any challenge in life, and I also apply them to my daily routine at work.
Jep Franco, Business Development & PR

Jep Franco

Business Development & PR
The germ of a good story starts with basics: the plot, the actors and the outcome. Conceiving ideas that work for our customers lies in the development of the message, work and bi-directional involvement of the team to achieve the best end. The development of a project in so recurrent terms like the 360 is the best numerical adjective that defines the work of the Agency. Each process is agreed by a team that closes the squaring of the circle with one signature: Made in Manifiesto.
Noelia Fernández, Head of Creative

Noelia Fernández

Head of Creative
I believe that good ideas are cooked up in a place where creative designers and the other departments are in daily contact. And that’s what we have, a place where the widest variety of profiles work together. Because experience tells me that working side-by-side with all of the other departments is the only way that we can enrich each other and make an idea grow.
Ramón Ramos, Head of Art

Ramón Ramos

Head of Art
The only possible way that a professional can grow and carry on feeling unconditional love for what they do is by continuously learning. Learning is eagerness, motivation and achievement. Because there is no worse enemy than overconfidence. And that’s what I try to get across to my team.
Sergio Martínez, Head of Digital

Sergio Martínez

Head of Digital
For each proposal, I present the client with technical solutions at meetings, where we propose new projects, collaborating with the other departments in the pre-production phase in order to control affairs and guarantee that the project produces the optimal results right from the start.
Daniel Solà, Head of Audiovisuals

Daniel Solà

Head of Audiovisuals
There is nothing more gratifying than getting the agency’s ideas and projects to flourish. That’s what I like best about my work and that is how I motivate my team every day. A creative, positive and unrestricted atmosphere is essential for the creation of quality audiovisual content that will surprise our clients.
Matías Gravenhorst, Director of Advertising Production

Matías Gravenhorst

Director of Advertising Production
The production department’s motto is that we should live each project intensely, taking care over all the details, schedules and budgets in order to achieve perfection as we bring each idea to life. Our challenge is to continually seek innovative materials and technologies that will extend each client’s brand experience.
Francisco Pou, Manager at AlterNative

Francisco Pou

Manager at AlterNative
"Digital" today is not a "choice" or a "complement". Without digital strategy there is not any strategy, and a new, native intelligence is required to understand the habits, the preferences and the interactions of a new audience. Knowing that public and get to them with content and appropriate canals is my passion. Bringing new ideas, new territories and new more profitable ways for customers is my challenge in AlterNative; the Agency's digital intelligence.

Services that work

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Strategic Planning

Processes that work

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Client Briefing Analysis of the briefing Real Time Marketing We leave behind conventional briefings and instead focus on a working relationship in which the agency and the customer create, during this first phase, a collaborative approach to the work process. Agency debriefing Study and strategic analysis Creation and selection of the chosen strategy Creation of the perfect team for the project Small interdisciplinary teams with ideas that work. Brainstorming in the agency Development of the creative idea First agency proposal Client feedback Final agency proposal We upload it to our online project management system The client becomes part of the project following in real time all the progresses. Strategic media proposal Tactical plan for media actions In-house production Media Execution and implementation Monitoring Analysis of results Learnings